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HipTrac™ – Pneumatic Medical Device for Hip Traction

  • Long Axis Hip Traction
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Allows Hip Therapy in Clinical or Home Settings
  • Designed for Patients to Use Independently & Easily
  • Relieves Pain & Delays Need for Surgery

Benefits of HipTrac™

  • Relieves Pain & Decreases Use of Medications
  • Improves Mobility & Range of Motion
  • Delays Need for Surgery
  • Increases function & Improves Quality of Life

HipTrac™ for Health Practitioners

  • Work More Effectively
  • Work More Efficiently
  • Exert Less Physical Energy Compared to Manual Traction
  • Keep Patients Happy & Healthy
  • Thrive in a Changing Healthcare Environment

Introducing HipTrac™

HipTrac™ is a pneumatic medical device that provides hip traction in an easy to use, comfortable, and effective manner.

It replicates manual long axis hip traction that would be done by a physiotherapist, physician, or manual therapist.

Learn How It Works

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Benefits of HipTrac™

Natural Pain Relief Which May Reduce Need For Some Medications

Improves Mobility And Range Of Motion

Decreases Pain Which Improves Exercise Tolerance For Strength, Conditioning, And Weight Loss

Increases Function And Greater Quality Of Life

Health practitioners save time and energy with self-administered patient therapy using HipTrac™ clinically.

If you are a health practitioner, you can purchase HipTrac™ from us to use in your practice or for your patients in this growing demographic.

Contact us today to request a demo and find out how HipTrac™ can help your patients.

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